My wife, Kelsey, and I currently live in Palmyra, VA, which is just outside of Charlottesville.  We recently welcomed our daughter, Ellorie, on January 8, 2022.  We also have two cats, a brother and sister, named Apollo and Gemini (after the space missions).

I am originally from Grand Rapids, MI, and I lived there for almost the first 13 years of my life.  My family then moved to Sioux Falls, SD, where my parents still reside.  I have a younger sister who also lives in Sioux Falls with her husband, and I have a younger brother who is attending undergrad at Simpson College in Iowa.  We usually take an extended trip out to SD during the summer to see everyone and go on small trips to Rapid City, SD, Omaha, NE, or Minneapolis, MN.

Kelsey's mom and step-dad live in Galax, VA (~3.5 hours from us), so we often take trips down to see them on the weekends.  One of her step-sisters lives in Lynchburg, VA (~1.5 hours away) with her husband and our two nephews, and we go down to see them quite a bit, too.  Kelsey's dad and step-mom live in northern Virginia, and we travel up there every once in a while or meet up halfway.